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Aug 25, 2008

And the thread missed the weave…

…with his own thoughts he sat outside his own mind
behind him was a world of his people he wanted to be in
his heart held his hand and eloped with emotions
which tangled with someone else’s

…he looks into the mirror of blue water
basks in the love of love; frowns to the poke of his silly lover
and behind him he left the fabric of his home
the world especially will identify him of the same…so what if he missed the!!

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Aug 14, 2008

"...I am India"

India is a feeling that we carry in our hearts…it is about the innocent eyes of those orphan kids, about the complaining faces of those natural calamity victims…about the dried tears of the families of the war martyrs…
India is a success that we boast of…it is about the victory on the cricket field, about the international gold win…about the craziness in the ‘High Fives’ of the team on a project’s success…
India is a dream that we fear to lose…it is about the uneasiness felt hearing of the infiltrators…about the pain that occurs when we fight in the name of communalism…about the young thought which is killed in the womb for no reasons…
It is about the feeling of ME in YOU and WE in INDIA…It is about the ultimate togetherness…It is about 'US'

…For the feeling, the pride, the dream…we'll conquer, we'll win...'Jai Hind !'

**The Fifteenth of August**embarkment upon a brighter road

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