The pursuit of happiness is a chase for a lifetime..

Dec 2, 2010


Connections are not coincidences, especially when they are between the souls. Know, or not, believe, or not…Where the lives are unfolding, you might not know. But, emotions are eternal and so are connections. You get it all; there is a power which brings it all to you, right in front. You don’t recognize them. Destiny is so rude.
You move on; but connections are not coincidences. You will get them back, again. When just the thought of someone brings glory and utmost bliss to you and, life seems to smile back. When you think of him looking at you in your eyes, saying all what you wanted to hear; life seems to have been rewarded. We should understand the actuality.
We may be living separate lives and carrying on all responsibilities; we might still have our soul mate somewhere. Destiny creates drama when it wants you to know that he is the one, else you may lead an ignorant life until death.
Know it when you close your eyes now; whose memory relaxes your soul. Who would you want to meet again, no matter, whenever that happens? Who would you omit all rules for?

If I know of love, I know of how you did…
I believe; it was an extra ordinary emotion.
When destiny is not rude; we’ll see…
Let the destiny know how strong some connections can be.
With each other we found peace…
Did we ever remember anything then?
When magic created b‘tween you and me…
And the souls were set free.

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